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Say something brilliant

Even on a platform like Svbtle that strips away many of the bells and whistles, there’s an inherent pressure when you see the text Write post here. It might as well read: Say something brilliant.

Everyone wants to write the next great blog post that gets a million hits. But you’re conditioned to feel that if you don’t have a strong opinion, something that you’d fight to the grave defending, why bother? Do your words even matter?

That conditioning does make some sense. Everyone is so busy in today’s world – at least, that’s what I keep hearing repeated over and over, despite how much time people spend on Facebook and Twitter every day – that if you don’t have indisputable value to add, you’re not worth anyone’s time.

This isn’t another post celebrating bad ideas. I’m tired of ideas.

This is a post advocating you to not take things so seriously.

An entrepreneur doesn’t always have to...

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